[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Fundación Mundo Mejor (Foundation for a Better World) is a private non-profit organization that has the objective of implementing activities and projects to favor the integrated growth of individuals and improve their environments.

The Foundation was formed in 1994 when a group of people with strong social consciences decided to get together tofundacion-hogar-bn come up with ideas on how they could help people affected by extreme poverty and family breakdown. The Foundation began its work by building simple structures to shelter a group of internally displaced people living in the city centre of Medellín as well as offering them medical assistance, food supplies and human company. Seeing the terrible situation in which the offspring of these families were living, the founders of the foundation decided to create a space in which these children could enjoy more opportunities in their lives. Over time, the group observed the difficulties that their parents had in finding work due to their lack of education and opportunities, which resulted in many of them having to work in informal employment or in sub employment. This group of benefactors then decided to create spaces to help prepare these adults for work, with the aim of increasing their employment opportunities and improving their living conditions in the city. This is how the different social programs implemented by the Fundación Mundo Mejor were born.