The Fundación Mundo Mejor views volunteering as committed and selfless participation from a group of people that decide to support our cause, without needing financial remuneration. It is an ethical and supportive option that seeks to contribute to the construction of a new humanity. Through their experience, training and interests, volunteers contribute their time and knowledge to complement and support the activities of Fundación Mundo Mejor to fulfill its mission.


It is hoped the work of our volunteers meets three conditions:

  • To work with purpose: in agreement with their experience, training and interest, the volunteer seeks to improve the care and attention processes provided by Fundación Mundo Mejor to their beneficiaries.
  • To be selfless: volunteers don’t seek any type of monetary compensation or benefit for their work.
  • To be justified: for the volunteer at the Fundación Mundo Mejor their participation isn’t a hobby nor entertainment,  it is a process of being aware of the realities and needs that they can meet and support through working with the foundation for the benefit of others.

Areas of Participation:

Providing support to Care and Assistance Programs

  • Early Childhood Care Program
  • Inclusive Employment Program – Work
  • Social Inclusion Program – Dawn
  • Human Rights Program – Life

Providing support to Administrative Management

  • Quality Management Process
  • Pedagogical Process
  • Psychosocial Process
  • Nutritional Process
  • Human Resources Process
  • Communications Process
  • Marketing Process
  • Accounting Process
  • Information Systems Process
  • International Cooperation Process


In order to create a positive and fulfilling volunteering experience, volunteers should be committed to give and receive training and participate in planning, organization, accompaniment, realization and evaluation processes that are part of the project that they participate in.

Potential volunteers with the Fundación Mundo Mejor need to carry out the following requirements:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Evaluation and acceptance of the volunteer’s application
  3. Interview with the psychosocial team from the institution
  4. Identification of the Process or Program that the volunteer will support
  5. Interview with the Coordinator of the Process or Program to analyze the volunteer’s objectives
  6. Induction into the Foundation
  7. Signing of the Volunteer’s Commitment (developed by the Foundation)
  8. Elaboration of a Work Plan together with the person assigned to supporting the volunteer
  9. Follow-up and evaluation of the work of volunteers

Rights of Volunteers

  • To receive material that allows volunteers to carry out the functions required, both initially and as a permanent process, and receive the institutional induction, information and training required to develop, guide and support activities when necessary.
  • To be treated without discrimination and have their freedom, dignity, intimacy and personal beliefs respected.
  • To actively participate in the activities of the Foundation, participating in the design, execution and evaluation of the programs, processes and activities in accordance with the guidelines established by the Directors.
  • To have a staff member from the Foundation attached to their placement that is responsible for supporting, accompanying and guiding the volunteer.
  • Volunteers should have some form of health insurance. In the case of that they need health insurance, authorization will be requested from the Human Resources team.
  • To be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out their activities that have been previously agreed to with the appropriate administrative area of the Foundation.
  • To receive accreditation that identifies their condition as volunteers.
  • To realize their activities in safe and hygienic conditions.
  • To obtain respect and recognition for the social value of their contribution.

“Forces that work for good don’t add up, they multiply.” Concepción Arenal

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