[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Fundación Mundo Mejor is entering into the world of national and international cooperation with the goals of sharing experiences, collaborating in the implementation of projects that meet the Foundation’s guidelines and objectives and strengthening networks.

The Foundation has been making progress in developing proposals for projects in a wide range of areas with the goal of improving the design of projects and implementing these with the support of organizations that are committed to responding to the problems that exist in the city of Medellín and the Department of Antioquia.

The initial proposals include:

  • Children’s Assembly: To promote the recognition of children as social subjects with an active role in their environments through the facilitation of participation by children from the Luz de Media Luna Educational Centre in family and institutional scenarios.
  • Walking safely through the streets of my neighborhood: This strategy aims to contribute to the protection of children from the vulnerable neighborhoods of Medellín through the participatory construction of protection factors.
  • Effective emotional care for new mothers and children of mothers who are sex workers in the downtown area of Medellín.
  • Urban Agriculture: a method of improving the quality of life of the internally displaced families from the municipality of Medellín.
  • Integrated Care for the population displaced by violence in Medellín.
  • Social inclusion of people who live in the street through strategies of awareness raising, integrated care and preventative measures to help at-risk individuals and families stop living on the street.

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We are always looking for partners that are interested in implementing joint proposals. If you would like to be one of our partners, please contact us through: cooperacioninternacional@fundacionmundomejor.org.[/box]

[quote]The Fundación Mundo Mejor reaches the world and the world is a part of the Foundation.[/quote]