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The Fundación Mundo Mejor is a non-profit organization, founded in Medellín and constituted according to the norms of the Colombian government that apply to organizations of this type. It is registered with the Medellín Chamber of Commerce and complies with the current legislation relating to organizations that implement social activities.

The Fundación Mundo Mejor is part of the NGOs for Transparency network, the Federation of NGOs in Antioquia, the Antioquia Network of Children, the Street Inhabitants Network, the Committee for Children and Families and is registered with the Departmental Government of Antioquia that acts as the regulating authority for the Foundation.



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The Fundación Mundo Mejor will develop all type of projects that provide assistance and training for individuals and social groups. It seeks to build relationships between a range of people and communities and it will create networks that provide services and support to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged members of society.




The Fundación Mundo Mejor is focused on building a united world, promoting solidarity at all levels without any type of discrimination and with the most profound respect for all human beings. The foundation also favors the development and growth of individuals as part of a more just society that brings together the human family.