Transparency: Fundación Mundo Mejor promotes transparency in all of its actions and the use of resources by staff as well as in all of its programs as part of its institutional culture. This transparency is also evident in the Foundation’s participation in the national social and economic accountability processes and its submission of reports to the Departmental Government of Antioquia. The Foundation is a member of the NGOs for Transparency network, an entity that brings together organizations from Colombian society that are committed to this policy.

Quality: Staff from Fundación Mundo Mejor are constantly being trained in a range of workshops, training programs and diploma courses to improve the social services provided by the Foundation. In the same way, its Quality Management Process is helping to standardize the processes required for a Quality Management System based on NTC ISO 9001:2008. For this reason the Foundation implements follow-up, evaluation and monitoring strategies for its processes that allows it to quickly identify those aspects that need improvement, which in turn allows it to ensure the quality of its processes and guarantee that its services comply with existing quality regulations and standards.

Participating in Networks: The Foundation works in collaboration with other organizations, participating in networks such as the Federation of NGOs in Antioquia (FAONG) and the Antioquia Childhood Network (REDANI) as well as in different working groups involving both the public sector and civil society. This allows the Foundation to share its experiences and participate in processes that have a political impact, with the goal of strengthening public institutions and reaching a wide range of communities.

Human Spirit: Fundación Mundo Mejor employs its “Pedagogy of Love” institutional philosophy as a fundamental element that is present in all of the attention provided to beneficiaries, leading to the creation of a high level of solidarity. This philosophy promotes participation, reflective action and collective construction as part of a process of social recovery. It collects individual and collective expressions to build a new sense of community and a world with more justice and solidarity.


To contribute to the integrated development and growth of the most vulnerable population in the city of Medellín and its surrounding municipalities. This is achieved through the design and implementation of social projects that seek to respond to the problems faced by these population groups and improve their quality of life through the construction of a more just society with higher levels of solidarity.