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Protect a flower by sponsoring a child from the Fundación Mundo Mejor!

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[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Fundación Mundo Mejor is a non-profit entity that implements different projects including the Sponsorship Plan, through which it distributes resources with the goal of guaranteeing the integrated education of more than 150 children that attend the Luz de Media Luna Educational Centre.

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Those who sponsor a boy or a girl help…

  • Victims of forced displacement
  • Children of street sellers and informal workers
  • Families living in rented accommodation
  • Families living with drug dealers, sex workers and people living on the street, among others
  • Families that suffer from abuse, mistreatment, labor exploitation and accidents in the street.
  • Families that suffer from the consequences of malnutrition and domestic violence.
  • Children who are not studying in formal education.




You can also help us!

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”] Sponsoring a child of the Fundación Mundo Mejor, through:

Complete Sponsorship: COP$100.000 a month
Half Sponsorship: COP$50.000 a month
Quarter Sponsorship: COP$25.000 a month

These contributions can be made through transfers to the Foundation’s savings account with Bancolombia # 10332654560, in the name of the Fundación Mundo Mejor.

If you want to protect a flower, then click here.[/box]

Thanks to the contributions of those who sponsor a child, the Fundación Mundo Mejor can guarantee that they receive integrated care and education based in ethics, participation, support, self-care, peaceful coexistence and social justice with the goal of developing autonomous children and young people.

To achieve this, different projects have been developed that contribute to the development of each child through the Foundation’s constant accompaniment in these areas, including:


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[toggle title=”School Restaurant“] Children receive meals that represent 80% of their daily nutritional requirements.


[toggle title=”Educational Project“] Educational professionals constantly support children’s learning.


[toggle title=”Values Project“] Using the “Pedagogy of Love” philosophy to strengthen the values of children in everyday actions and situations, fundamental for their personal growth.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Inter-disciplinary Team“] Psychological support with nutritional and pedagogical monitoring.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Family Food Basket“] Basic food items for families that are living extreme cases of low income and with children that are malnourished.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Parents’ School“] Training of the parents of children enrolled in the Educational Centre to support the constant development of their children.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Games and Recreation“] The Foundation contributes to the recreational needs of children through a range of activities carried out both within the Educational Centre and other spaces.


[toggle title=”Educational Monitoring“] The Foundation monitors children so that when they leave the Educational Centre they can continue with their education, guaranteeing their personal development.


[toggle title=”Nutrition Clubs“] These clubs are a way of teaching parents about healthy eating habits to guarantee the wellbeing of their children.


[toggle title=”Soup Program“]This program is implemented with the support of the Secretariat of Social Welfare and involves providing a daily soup to those parents with children at risk of malnourishment to contribute to improving the nutrition of the child’s family.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Nutritional Area“][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Psychosocial Area“][/toggle]






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Thanks to our Transparency policy that includes the publication of results on our website and providing reports to the Departmental Government of Antioquia we have achieved excellent results, generating trust among our supporters and benefactors and improving our coverage for the benefit of our children.

It is for this reason that we invite you to become a part of the Fundación Mundo Mejor family through our Sponsorship Plan and help us to continue to bring happiness to those children and their families that need it most. This helps contribute to improving their quality of life and supports our constant goal of creating a better world.




Our Foundation for a better world, Fundación Mundo Mejor, provides love that is multiplied for everyone.

E-mail: mercadeo@fundacionmundomejor.org