Early Childhood Care Program

Through this program, the Fundación Mundo Mejor offers an integrated pre-school education based in the “Pedagogy with Love” methodology. This supports children to develop a critical and reflexive spirit and facilitates learning and the promotion of healthy habits.

The Luz de Media Luna Educational Centre aims to provide integrated protection for each at-risk child in the city of Medellín.

Social Inclusion Program – Amanecer (Dawn)

This program provides integrated support to people who are living in the streets. It seeks to help them find alternatives and build life plans that permit their full development through the re-establishment of social networks, employment training and activities for awareness raising and prevention. This program also seeks to contribute to the construction of a more just society with more solidarity between its members.

Employment Inclusion Program – Labor

Through training, this program creates employment solutions for the beneficiaries of the different programs of the Foundation. It allows them to restart their employment and insert themselves into localsociety as productive members of their new environment.

Human Rights Program – Vita (Life)

Strengthening the enjoyment of rights by families attended to by the Foundation.

Through this program, the Fundación Mundo Mejor develops strategies directed at the strengthening of rights enjoyed by children and their families. In this way, they participate in the recognition of children as subjects of rights and promote the guarantee and enjoyment of these rights.