Integrated support to homeless young people and families living in the streets.

This program has the goal of creating the conditions that support the social inclusion of homeless young people and families through integrated attention that, as well as satisfying basic needs, reestablishes social links including psycho-social support and training opportunities that leads to placement in the workforce.

The first phase of the program aims to contribute to raising awareness of the reality of those living in the streets, as well as informing residents of Medellín about the problems faced by this population group. This creates links with the community and generates support for homeless people from the rest of the population.

Finally, this program promotes the generation of inter-institutional networks and processes of political advocacy that contribute to responses in tackling the problem of social exclusion. In this way it contributes to the re-establishment of the rights of this population, making their social inclusion possible. It also builds a society that is more just and has more solidarity, leading to increased opportunities for change.

Hot drinks at night

Since 1996 and the first days of the Foundation, with support from the Movimiento de los Focolares, a volunteer project has been developed known as “Hot Drinks at Night” (Aguapaneleros de la Noche in Spanish). This program develops relationships between members of the community and people living in the streets through the provision of food assistance and inclusive workshops held twice a month. This project raises awareness and creates links between the community and people living on the streets in Medellín.