This publication highlights the “flowers” of the foundation, a term used to describe the experiences that the children from the Fundación Mundo Mejor have had when playing and learning with the “Dice of Love” from the “Pedagogy of Love” strategy. This is a pedagogical strategy implemented by the Foundation that facilitates the full and complete development of children. It teaches children from an early age that despite their cultural and religious differences, every one of them is a child of the earth and can consider all children their “brothers and sisters”.

This book comes with a Dice of Love that has text on each of its sides that include phrases from “The Art of Love”. Thousands of children, young people and adults across the world throw this dice every morning to enjoy this experience based in values that creates moments of reflection with their relatives and friends. Children then create their own flowers of love that they include within their handbook. The Dice of Love also offers a range of fun activities for each day.