The Fundación Mundo Mejor (Better World Foundation) has 11 sites located in eight neighbourhoods across the city. At these locations the Foundation delivers the Integrated Primary Care for Early Childhood program to more than 1,400 children between the ages of 2 and 5 that come from internally displaced and / or vulnerable families.

Since 2011, the Foundation has offered this program within the Pedagogical Support Units (UPAs for their initials in Spanish), in which staff have worked with community mothers in the city of Medellín, accompanying them in their regular activities. It was through the recognition of the importance of these women’s experiences in protecting the children’s rights that the idea came about to produce this guide.  The Foundation and the community mothers worked together to create and publish a guide on best practice in the area of early childhood rights, an initiative that is part of the Foundation’s Human Rights Program.

“We had the opportunity to do this work that is important and wonderful, because no one else could have done what we did”. María Edilma Ceballos López, community mother that participated in the development of the Guide.

The Guide and the way in which it was written, developed in 2012 in the Moscú 2, Santa Cecilia 2, Manrique Las Esmeraldas and Aranjuez UPAs – located Zone No. 1 in the northwest of the city of Medellín – was the result of a process of reflection and exchanging knowledge and learning experiences between community mothers and the Foundation’s educators. This was achieved through art and other forms of creative expression.

The aim of the “Walking together, making stories” Guide – A guide to best practice in working with early childhood rights, written by community mothers for community mothers.

The Fundación Mundo Mejor’s aim for this material is that it will support the improvement of practices among all indivduals that work in the protection and promotion of the rights of children during early childhood. Another objective is that community mothers and educators that use the guide are supported to reflect on their own experiences, share their knowledge and learn from the experiences of others. Finally, those that have used the guide will then apply this knowledge through work in their own communities.

Content of the Guide

The “Walking Together, Making Stories” Guide includes: the stories, reflections and artistic creations of the community mothers, as well as photos that capture the implementation of the project. In each chapter a section is devoted to describing the tools that can be used in each area, which include educational materials and interactive activities developed by the community mothers during the project. through this method, readers will be able to use these materials and apply these activities in their own community.

The Fundación Mundo Mejor launched the Guide on the 27th of May 2013 in the Medellín City Council headquarters, with the aim of sharing the results of this project and to publicly recognize the importance of the work carried out by the community mothers in this city.

To download the guide, click here.

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